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Wellhead & Well Control Equipment

We can provide a full line of equipment and parts conforming to API 6A, API 16A and API 16C standards. Count on us, and we will support you with reliable quality goods and on-time delivery.

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Wellhead& Well Control Equipment

BOP & BOP Parts


The bore sizes of BOP products range from 65 mm (2 9/16”) to 762mm (30”). The pressure Grades range from 3.5Mpa (500psi) to 140MPa (20000psi). The bodeies are made by casting or by forging with locking mechanism by manual or hydraulic operations. Users have several options in manners of connection, which may be shear rams or variable bore rams. We have spectial-purpose products in 20 models covering continuous Slurry circulation BOP, coiled tubing BOP, bearing mill casing BOP, cable BOP and double bore ram BOP.


We also provide spherical packing units and conical packing units for use in all types of annular preventers with a bore size of 7 1/16” to 30” and pressure of 3,000 psi to 15,000 psi, as well as variable bore rams with over 40 types of specifications and shearing blind rams of a variety of specifications. Plastic seal parts for used with pipe rams. Seal parts for use in rotary BOPs and other seal parts for use in petroleum machines.

Wellhead Equipment

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The wellhead equipment and Christmas Tree are important equipment for oil exploration and they are composed of three parts: casing head, tubing head and Christmas Tree. The wellhead equipment is used to mount the wellhead, to connect the casing string at the wellhead, to seal and control circular space between the casing, to suspend the tubing, to control pressure at the wellhead and to regulate the flow rate of oil (gas) wells. We can provide a full series of wellhead equipment and oil (gas) production products, of which the bore size ranges from 46 mm to 179mm (1 13/16"~7 1/16"), rated working pressure ranges from 13.8 MPa to 103.5 Mpa (2000 psi~15000 psi) and material grade ranges from AA to HH and the product performance level ranges from PSL1 to PSL3. All key procedures in the production of wellhead equipment are realized by advanced machineries and the product materials meet the requirements of NACE MR0175 standard.

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