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    Drillstring Rotating Head

    Hydraulic Release Running Tool (Drillstring Rotating Head)

    1. Detailed information


    Hydraulic release running tool, or known as drillstring rotating head, is connected between down hole drilling strings. It separates its upper drilling tools from its lower drilling tools and enables the upper drilling tools to rotate independently.  When lower strings get stuck, it removes drag and friction when upper strings are rotating, and reduces drilling strings’ helical twisting.

    The rotating head is internally designed with “Pressure Activation Clutch”, it cuts the shear pin on its internal upper end, produces certain differential pressure by holding pressure in the inner tube, so the upper and lower bodies of the tool can re-combine and rotate synchronously transferring the torque from upper to lower drilling strings.


    2. Working Schematic Diagram


    3. Structure


    4. Technical Specification

    Tool OD
    mm (in)

    190.5 (7.5)

    Bore Size
    mm (in)

    71.4 (2.811)

    Overall Length
    mm (in)

    4190 (164.961)

    Bore Sealing Pressure
    Mpa (Psi)

    35 (5000)



    Yield Strength
    kN (kLbs)

    195.8 (440)

    Yield Torque kN﹒m

    50 (37000)

    Max. Working Torque
    kN﹒m (lbf·ft)

    31 (23000)

    Shear Pin Equivalent Pressure/Ea
    Mpa (Psi)


    No. of Shear Pin (Ea)


    Continious Rotation(rpm)


    Intermission Rotation (rpm)


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